A/V consulting with the consumer in mind!

Are you a musician that wants to put together a small recording setup to record yourself or your band?

Do you need help putting together a live sound rig?

Are you having trouble hunting down the best deals?

Putting together a recording or live setup can be difficult and frustrating because there is so much competition.  Many people rely on the music store salesman to help but most of the time those salesman just push the product line that generates kick-back for the store.

Home recording has revolutionized the music and recording industries.  We believe in the longevity of quality music so we have made it our mission to design quality home systems with superb customer service and interaction.

We at Homeroom Studios provide a personal, unbiased approach to putting together your recording, live sound, or A/V setup.  AND WE WILL TEACH YOU HOW TO USE IT!

Our consulting services include:

  • 1-on-1 interaction with a personal consultant. Your personal consultant will help you through the entire process and beyond.
  • Proper acoustic measurements and analysis of the space to be designed to ensure the right equipment is chosen. This step helps us determine the right choices for your particular room and preferences.  Power conditions, locations, background noise, and more, differ from place to place  
  • Formal design drawings showing equipment layout. This helps us communicate our designs visually, and helps track changes and details.
  • We will find the best deals to get you the best system within budget.
  • Installation and set-up of equipment.
  • Personal instruction on the equipment and how it all works together.  Your consultant will help you understand how everything works together and give you a crash course on its use.
  • Personal customer service for life.  Our services don’t end just because the project is finished.  We build professional relationships so you will always have someone to contact if you have any questions or concerns.  

(all consulting services are also offered individually)  So if you just need help finding the best deals, or require recording lessons, no problem!

Contact us regarding any questions on rates and services:

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